September 11, 2005

Mesquite Meal 101

The mesquite tree grows in the desert regions throughout the world, areas not suitable for most agriculture. Mesquite forms fruit of bean-like pods in the fall that have long been a nutritious food source to humans, wildlife & livestock.

Mesquite meal, made by grinding the ripened pods into a high protein flour, can be used as either a flour or a spice. Mesquite meal is 100% natural, low in carbohydrates & fat, high in dietary fiber, and naturally sweet. You can sprinkle, shake, or mix mesquite meal into all of your everyday foods to create healthier and tastier dishes with very little effort.

When used in baking, mesquite meal is generally used in combination with other flours using about 30% mesquite to 70% grain or rice flour. Try mesquite in your pancakes, muffins, cakes, corn bread or cookies.

As a spice, sprinkle generously then grill, fry or broil almost anything for a great mesquite flavor. Mesquite meal is great for flavoring steaks, chicken, pork & fish. Sprinkle it on vegetables before grilling; add it to your breading for meat & fish. It can be added to vegetable stir-fries, scrambled eggs, biscuits, breads, soups, even ice cream.